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Does your child need a supportive, educational and fun activity? Come join us for a martial arts class today!


Martial Arts

Our SKILLZ program is an age-specific martial arts program that focuses on helping your child through every stage of physical, intellectual, social and emotional stages of development.


Martial Arts

Your Teen has Spirit! Help them learn how to channel and nurture their amazing energy through the practice of martial arts! 


Martial Arts

Martial arts classes are fun, empowering and a great workout for men and women!

Spectrum SKILLZ

This program is designed to nurture children on the Autism Spectrum, ages 7 and up. The program introduces specialized skill-based training for children who have limited physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities. With that said, more emphasis is placed on building fundamental skills training with a strategic balance of martial arts.





Character Building in Progress

Martial arts classes benefit children far beyond the punches and flying side kicks that happen on the mats! Our structured classes give children the opportunity to actively engage in real-life skills training. The development of coordination, physical fitness, mental strength & endurance as well as valuable social skills all help to bring out the very best in your children so they can live their best life! 

From One Mom to Another!

This FTKDC Sussex mom shares how our program is impacting the life of her daughter & family!

"Love this place. Our family joined about a month ago and has helped so much with the kids with focus and respect. Instructors are awesome and care so much about every kid. Highly recommend joining. Worth it all!!!!" Lisa, Google Review

"We enrolled out 4 year son and he loves it! The instructors are wonderful and care so much for each persons success! It has helped our son with focus and structure and respect. Highly recommend joining!" Gina, Yelp Review


Family Tae Kwon Do Champions is dedicated to serving families. We value respect, confidence, discipline, focus and having a great attitude. We teach these life skills to our students through martial arts training that is fun, engaging and life changing!

At Family Tae Kwon Do Champions, we are committed to helping you and your child live your best life! Though we honor the centuries old traditions of Tae Kwon Do, we relentlessly pursue new and innovative ways to build up & challenge our students.