Summertime Parenting Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Summertime is finally here!

Welcome to giggles and grins, adventures & fun all in the summer sun!

Today I want to offer a few tips on how to keep boredom at bay while the kiddos enjoy their summer break. These are simple tips that you can implement NOW and will help set your little ninja up for success!

  • Communicate the Plan

Every evening take a few spare minutes and review "the plan" for the next day. A little bit of structure will go a long way and will also help everything go smoothly. If possible, try to include 45 minutes to one hour of physical activity doing things such as swimming, biking, taking a trip to the park or practicing Tae Kwon Do forms!

  • Work Together to Develop Effective Summertime Habits

Many parents will set boundaries and limitations for their kids which is great! But when you include your kids in the process, they will better understand the "how" and "why." This equips them with a better understanding of why certain things are limited and also help them find ways to keep themselves entertained. Talk with your child and determine how much electronics time per day & week are appropriate. Then work together to come up with a list of activities they enjoy!

  • Be a Good Role Model!

Get outdoors and show them how much fun it is to be active!

Children will often make better choices when their role models are doing the same. Do so and they will be more willing to give it a try!

This can be as easy as having them teach you how to play a game. You can even take it to the next level and have them teach you how to do a few kicks or one of their Tae Kwon Do forms!

We hope these summertime parenting tips help you tackle summer boredom!

Take the time to see the joy of summer through the eyes of your kids. Remember how magical it was for you once upon a time & make memories that will last a lifetime!


Author: Jennifer Salama of Skillz Worldwide.

Jennifer is a 4th-degree black belt that currently works alongside her husband, John Salama, at the SKILLZ Worldwide Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. With a Masters Degree in Child Psychology, Jennifer's experience and expertise is invaluable to helping our SKILLZ students and their parents be their best. We are so grateful to Jennifer and Skillz Worldwide for their unwavering support of our family's mission!

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