Supporting our Community

During these incredibly unique times, we as fellow parents and neighbors are stepping up to do our part in supporting not only our students and their parents but the community we serve as well in the best way we know how.

Family Strong Sussex is a fully accredited and licensed SKILLZTM martial arts school through Skillz Worldwide. SKILLZTM is a powerful childhood development program that uses martial arts as the vehicle to deliver physical, intellectual, emotional and social nurturing, support & enrichment. 

Age-specific at home SKILLZTM content is here for children, parents, caregivers and more to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. These planners including video tutorials from some of the greatest martial arts instructors in the industry today are easy to follow and fun for all!

We believe in going beyond the mats for the families and community we serve.

Please know our family is here to support and encourage you during this truly extraordinary time. You are #whywedowhatwedo!

And together we will get through this!

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Sussex, WI. 53089

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