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They typically have great technique and agility, but they can be lazy which leads to sloppiness.

We expect them to initially be sloppy on things that are easy physically.

The goal for our program is to get them to understand their potential if they pay attention the intricate details. We normally bypass the basic elements of physical development and jump right into the complicated details.


They are extremely smart. Their critical thinking skills are top-notch but their decision making skills are typically the exact opposite. That is why most adults treat them like a child.

We expect them to initially make choices that are easy as compared to applying thought and effort.

The goal for our program is to get them to see the bigger picture and apply their intellect.


Thanks to science, they are typically all over the emotional spectrum. This is more prominent in boys than girls.

We expect their efforts to be based on what they think is cool.

The goal for our program is to help them apply intrinsic motivation and realize their true potential. Our goal is to also help them improve their decision making skills with drills that challenge their reaction time.


They care about what their peers think. If something is cool, then they will put more effort into it.

We expect them to initially hold back if they are uncomfortable as a defense mechanism.

The goal for our program is to help them excel at everything they do, especially in front of a crowd.

Stages of Development

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